10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Booking

Let’s face it – planning for a wedding can be overwhelming at the best of times. Unsurprisingly, one of the more difficult decisions to make relates to selecting who will provide the soundtrack to the biggest day of your life, making it a truly memorable experience. Fortunately, the expert team at Let’s Dance Co has made the process of finding the ideal wedding DJ much easier.

Read on to discover the ten essential questions you must ask your wedding DJ before booking.

1. Is this your full-time business? If not, which clubs or corporate clients have you performed for in addition to weddings?

Their answer will help you ascertain whether they are a well-rounded, successful entertainer who can bring versatility and expertise to your big day. When speaking to prospective DJs, you should be able to determine whether they are a true performer, who has a broad range of experience performing for a variety of audiences. Your ideal DJ will chiefly focus on weddings, while finding time for other parties (i.e. corporate events, birthdays, etc.) on the side.

2. How do you create a customised playlist for each couple? Can you help with song lists and offer suggestions?

Look for a DJ who can create a wedding soundtrack which is based on your taste, style and overall vision for the day. Remember, when it comes to weddings, one size does not fit all. Whether you want an all-out dance party or a calmer romantic atmosphere, your DJ should be able to deliver just that.

Remember, your DJ must accept your “must-play” and “do not play” lists, no questions asked. The hallmark of a true professional is flexibility and a willingness to listen. They will assure you that you are in control of the event, and work with you to ensure everything is timed to perfection.

3. How do you get the crowd excited?

An experienced DJ can use a variety of different incentives to pump up the crowd. These DJ skills can vary from asking the guests to join the bride and groom for a ‘good luck’ dance, to playing a meaningful throwback track from the bride’s university days.

To get the best sense of how your prospective DJ interacts with a crowd, ask to listen to their music demos, or watch videos of past wedding performances. When viewing/listening to their sample reel, you’ll discover how your prospective DJ ‘reads’ the crowd, builds up the energy and keeps it there for the entire night.

4. How do you handle song requests?

Some DJs (with permission from the bride and groom), may tell guests they need to stick to the set playlist, while some appoint a bridesmaid or close relative to screen requests (so the new Mr. and Mrs. are not interrupted mid-dance). A true sign of an experienced wedding DJ is whether they can strike a balance between handling guests’ requests while staying true to the bride and groom’s wishes.

5. What sound equipment do you use? Do you have backup equipment?

DJ equipment is just as important as musical instruments. Turntables are the lifeblood of the craft, as a single touch can entirely change the sound, speed and tone of the track. Ask if the DJ is certified and understand the ins and outs of operating the equipment. At Let’s Dance we only use quality sound equipment from Pioneer and Numark DJ Controllers, Sennheiser Microphones and Yamaha & JBL SpeakersHowever, the latest advancements in equipment will only get you so far. Regardless of the equipment they use, your DJ should be able to maintain an optimum sound level throughout the evening. That means you’ll be able to hear every word, at a moderate level. Guests will be able to talk comfortably at their tables, while others are showing off signature moves on the dance floor.

Back-up equipment is a must. All reputable Brisbane and Gold Coast DJs should have the electronic equivalent of a ‘spare tyre’ with them (whether that be a microphone, computer or mixer), to ensure nothing goes wrong on the night. At Let’s Dance we always have a backup with us!

6. Have you played at our chosen wedding venue before? If not, can you attend a site visit beforehand?

Never underestimate the importance of a site visit: it will safeguard you against the possibility of a DJ who doesn’t understand the room’s acoustics. Knowing the acoustics ahead of time ensures the sound is crisp and clear, and lighting and sound techs can understand the instructions coming through their earpieces, for instance.

A preliminary site visit also ensures the DJ becomes acquainted with staff members, learns the rules for vendors, and can plan accurately, incorporating the correct equipment for acoustics and lighting design. Whilst a site visit may not always be possible such as interstate or overseas bookings, Let's Dance will always advise in advance of our availability of a site visit or if we have played at your venue previously.

7. Do I have my choice of DJ, or is one assigned to me based on date availability, etc.?

At Let’s Dance Co, we believe that choice is paramount – as no two weddings are alike. That’s why you have your choice of top Brisbane and Gold Coast DJs to suit your style and personality, each with the experience and skill to ensure your wedding is a night you’ll never forget.

Our DJs will spend consultation time with you, to get to know you and answer any questions or concerns. These meetings also allow clients to learn about the DJs experience and everything they can bring to the table. At Let’s Dance Co, we believe getting to know our prospective clients is the best way to ensure their special day is everything they have dreamed of.

8. As well as being a DJ, do you offer any other services?

At Let’s Dance Co, we offer far more than the average DJ company. Some of our packages come with extra services (such as intelligent lighting) to provide a professional touch and really turn the wedding into a great party atmosphere for your family and guests.

We can also teach your Wedding Dance!

The Let's Dance Co offers wedding dance lessons lessons in Brisbane and Gold Coast with a wide-range of Latin American Dance style to perfectly match perfectly to your chosen Bridal Song. We teach the fun and cheeky Salsa plus Cha Cha, and also a reggae style called Forro, to the romantic Rhumba plus Bolero, and numerous other styles.

All dance lessons are 100% personally customised to your Wedding Song(s)!

9. How long have you been a DJ?

Let's Dance has been DJing for over 10 Years! So yes we have over a decade of DJ experience both for Weddings and Dance Parties.

10. Why should I choose Let’s Dance as my Wedding DJ?

The answer to this question is simple: Let’s Dance Co are the fun and professional Wedding DJs of choice in the Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. Since 2006, our experienced team have provided an unforgettable wedding soundtrack for countless happy couples.

To help you best simply call 1300 LET SSS (1300 538 777) or email party@letsdancestudios.com and we’ll match you up with the perfect DJ for your special day.