Learn a Wedding Dance That Will Wow Your Guests

Whether it’s the bride and groom’s first dance, a mother and son dance, or a father-daughter dance, there are many different styles of wedding dance. At Let’s Dance Co we understand that no two weddings are the same. Everyone’s preferences are different, particularly when it comes to taking dance lessons and selecting the perfect routine.

Some couples prefer a traditional slow dance with a romantic ballad, while others opt for an energetic routine incorporating fast dance moves and intricate choreography. Whether you prefer an energetic cha cha dance, a slow bolero, soulful rhumba, or a spicy salsa routine, the friendly team at Let’s Dance Co can deliver expert dance lessons to ensure you wow your guests on the big day.

To help you best decide what style is for you, here is a selection of styles and song ideas for your wedding dance:

  1. Bolero - Bolero is a slow and sensual tempo Latin Dance with Spanish and Cuban heritage. Bolero also lends itself to the music genre of the same name. The style is comprised of a slow rhythm very similar to Tango but with a funky Brazilian twist!  Bolero is a very easy dance style to learn in the basic form and is a favourite of our students as its basic pattern is similar to our natural walking stance. Ask us about how Bolero can become a favorite for your Wedding Dance too!
    Wedding Song selection idea – ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran.

  2. Rumba – Danced to traditional Latin music and modern day Top 40 music, the Rumba is a medium to fast-paced dance which is very versatile and fun! The Rumba’s rhythmic, sensual movements make it a wonderful choice for a wedding first dance. Another reason the rumba is a popular choice for weddings across the country is, although it is a Latin dance, it is a far easier routine to learn than the mambo, cha cha or salsa.
    Wedding Song Selection Idea – ‘Everything’ – Michael Buble.

  3. Cha Cha  - Cha Cha is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an upbeat and faster Wedding Dance!
    Made famous by Jennifer Lopez’ song ‘Let’s Get Loud’ Cha Cha is a real party dance!
    The basic step only takes a few lessons to really master and then your moving and shaking to a cheeky Cha Cha for you and your partner to enjoy. Your Guests will be singing along with you as you carve up the dance floor for your Wedding Dance!
    Song selection idea – ‘Sing’ by Ed Sheeran.

  4. Merengue  - The Merengue is the easiest dance in the world to learn - yes we said it!!
    Merengue can be danced to any Top 40 or R&B song so it’s a very versatile dance style for your Wedding Dance. The Merengue is the dance you’ll keep dancing well into your married life as it's so easy to remember. Whilst the basic step is easy to pick up there are many turn patterns that you can learn with the merengue so you’ll never be lost for moves to impress!
    Wedding Song selection idea – ‘Cosmic Girl’ by Jamiroquai.

  5. Salsa - This exciting fast paced routine has been a wedding mainstay for decades and is still wildly popular today among couples looking for something a bit more latin inspired. Be sure to bring lots of energy for salsa as you may just be hitting the latin clubs after lessons!! Say hello to Rick Martin and Jennifer Lopez for us! Salsa is a fantastic and fun style to learn for your Wedding Dance and will provide a great foundation to build on. You’ll be the talk of the town with this style!   
    Wedding Song Selection Idea – ‘Get Lucky’ - Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams.

  6. Zouk Lambada  - Zouk Lambada is derived for the sexy Lambada. It’s a great social dance for couples and can be transferred into a very intimate Wedding Dance that highlights couple's deep love for each other. Zouk Lambada combines beginner & intermediate level dance moves so with a bit of practice you can make this look amazing on your special day!! Talk to your Let’s Dance Wedding instructor to find out more about Zouk Lambada.
    Wedding Song selection idea – ‘Halo’ by Beyonce.

  7. Forro  - Forro is a Brazilian Folk Dance which goes really well with Reggae and upbeat Folk and Alternative music giving it a fairly chilled out vibe when slow and lively when played fast.  It's light dance with a bouncy foot action - much akin to jive or rock ’n roll. If you're a couple that like a bit more of those chill vibes like Jack Johnson, Michael Franti or a Jason Mraz fan - then Forro is for you!
    Wedding Song selection ideas  - ‘Better Together’ by Jack Johnson. ‘Sey Hey (I Love You)’ by Michael Franti. ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz

Getting ready for your big day but still a little nervous about taking wedding dance lessons? Don't panic we are here to help! You will look amazing!

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