Perfecting the Father of the Bride Dance

Like many brides to be, your father is one of the most important people by your side on your wedding day. After all, he was there for all your firsts – from the first smile to first date – and is most likely still a guiding presence in your everyday life.

So, your wedding day is as much of a milestone for him as it is for you – it’s the day he entrusts your new husband to protect and make you happy. That’s why the father of the bride dance is so important. Read on for our expert Let’s Dance tips to ensure your father of the bride dance is truly unforgettable.  

Practice Makes Perfect – As a wedding guest, the father-daughter dance may seem a spontaneous expression of love. However, as you’re planning your wedding you’ll find that like the rehearsal dinner, the father of the bride dance should be practised until you and your father are comfortable performing in front of your friends and family.

This way, as you become more confident in your routine, you’ll eliminate any pre-wedding jitters. As a result, the dance will look fluid and natural, rather than clumsy and awkward.

Choose Your Song Together – One of the best ways to ensure your father is involved in wedding planning is to choose the song for your father-daughter dance together. Your selection requires some deep consideration, as it should reflect your style, personalities, and the love you have for each other. This can be reflected either through the lyrics, or the fact that a certain song holds a special significance to you both.

However, if you’re at a stalemate and can’t find something you both agree on, a mash-up of you and your father’s favourite songs may be the perfect solution.

Bring in a Professional – What better way to bond with your dad and share a laugh or two than taking some professional dance lessons before the big day? A choreographed father of the bride dance will increase your confidence, minimise stress, and most importantly, leave your guests in awe.

Share the Spotlight – Does dancing in front of a large crowd make you feel nervous? Rest assured you are not alone. If the idea of just you and your father under the spotlight for several minutes stresses you out, why not invite other couples to share this special moment with you?

This is also the perfect opportunity to switch partners if you have a step dad you’d like to honour or another special relative. While you’re doing so, your dad can continue busting a move with your mum or perhaps a bridesmaid.

Keep it Short and Sweet – Unless your father-daughter dance is an epic, choreographed routine, opting for a shortened version of your chosen song is the perfect solution.

If your wedding is fast approaching and you want to make sure the father of the bride dance is a reception highlight, talk to the talented instructors and wedding dance experts at Let’s Dance today and call 1300 LET SSS (1300 538 777)