Tips On Hiring The Right Mobile DJ In Brisbane

Are you looking for a good Brisbane DJ for your upcoming event, but not sure where to begin?

Let's Dance can help you decide the type of DJ you need for your next event.

Hiring the right DJ for your party is one way of ensuring its success. Music is a great way to create a good atmosphere, provide amusement and give your guests hours of fun! Whether you are having a social event, celebrating a birthday, bachelor party or even an anniversary, a DJ can help bring your event to life and get guests on the dance floor.

How Do I Pick The Right Mobile DJ?

Choosing the right DJ can be difficult when you have a long list of DJs in Brisbane to review. There are different types of disc jockeys with different skill sets.
Some may be more experienced than others, some will be able to use unique DJ software and some will be great at playing live DJ music. It's important to ask the question; 'What makes you different from other Mobile DJ's?'

It's a good idea, when you choose a DJ for your event, to pick one that has experience of performing live at community events. This type of DJ will bring life into your party. They may even be able to MC and manage the guests at the events, if needed.
The last thing you want is to pick a DJ that your guests might not enjoy as much. With music and a DJ playing a huge part in the atmosphere of an event overall, picking the right person is crucial.

What To Ask A Mobile DJ?

We work with a number of mobile DJ's across Brisbane and the Gold Coast and when we receive an enquiry from a new client we ask them the following questions:

• What is the event
• Where is it being held
• How many people are attending
• What type of music would you like
• How involved would you like the DJ to be
• What is the dress code

You can use these questions when speaking to Mobile DJ's and ensure you have answered the above. For example if you are booking someone for a charity function for 500 people, you don't want someone who only has experience of small intimate events.

Getting the right Mobile DJ

There are a variety of DJs across Brisbane and the Gold Coast all with different skill sets, so it's essential to find the right DJ for your needs. The most important thing to remember is to hire a DJ that will get your party going, bring your guests to the dance floor and manage the entertainment part of your function.

Let's Dance Studios can help you find the perfect DJ for your function. Give us a call to find out more.