Wedding Dance Lessons Brisbane

Tonight we received several new inquiries from Wedding Couples seeking their first private Wedding Dance lesson. Every couple asked many questions including the very commonly asked, "How many lessons are needed?" Simply, that's up to each couple and their personal needs.

From our ten years of Beginner-level dance teaching experience, we know there are many variables like available time, budget and each couple's desire for their personalised, private Wedding Dance. We told each couple tonight, they stay in control of how many lessons they wish to enjoy because we offer a casual pay-as-you-go arrangement! Each couple will get to choose now many lessons they want. They can choose say five to six lessons to enjoy dancing a very basic routine for just three to four minutes on their Wedding night. Else, they can do what most couples choose and have many more lessons to enjoy dancing a more amazing First Dance and to dance together then for the next thirty to forty years!

We also explained tonight that whatever the Wedding Budget may be, as a couple they’ll enjoy only three areas of expenditure across the decades. These are the Wedding Rings, Wedding Photos and of course (with sufficient lessons) the dancing! For a small percentage of your Wedding Budget, we can provide you with decades of dancing FUN together!

Our many couples have their first constructive and FUN private Wedding Dance lesson around four months from their big day! This allows all of our couples then plenty of time to enjoy however many lessons they want! Easy!

So if you're a Bride and Groom in Brisbane and you’re four months away from your important day, we’re easily reached! So as to help you best, we’re open from 9.00am to 9.00pm, seven days (including week nights plus all day and night over Saturdays and Sundays) ... or 1300 LET SSS (1300 538 777).