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Want to dance for life?

We don't just teach you a once-off Wedding Dance routine
- but how to dance anywhere, anytime!!

Imagine the Standing Ovation from your Wedding Guests, and years of FUN!  

Here's how ... 

The Let's Dance Co can offer you and your fiancee beginner/intermediate lessons in a wide-range of Latin American/Ballroom dance styles to perfectly match perfectly to your chosen Bridal Dance Song(s). These styles include the fun and cheeky Salsa plus Cha Cha, to the reggae style of Forro, to the romantic Rhumba plus Bolero, and numerous other styles.

All dance lessons are 100% personally customised to your Wedding Song(s)!

If you've yet to choose your Wedding Dance song, the Let's Dance Co's music library has thousands of songs from which to choose in addition to your choice of millions of songs on You Tube.

Want to dance for life? We don't just teach you a once-off Wedding Dance routine but within your lessons also how to dance anywhere, anytime!

Terrified Groom? Need a Man Cave?

Is your Groom, like most "blokes", terrified of the dance floor? We completely understand! Even Mark, LDC's Director has a background of military, triathlon and martial arts before later braving the "bloke terrifying" dance floor. Mark now has ten years experience in teaching dance to thousands of Beginners including professionally supporting many dozens of (initially) nervous Grooms with their Brides. 

LDC will make your Groom look strong and feel in control, while participating in constructive and FUN lessons in our very private Wedding Dance studio

After seeing the Wedding Dance, his mates will think "he's a bit of legend" and ladies, you will be equally impressed!!!

Couples' Feedback ...
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Your Private Studio (Location, Travel Time, etc) ... 

The Let's Dance Co has a private studio (just click to see) in Shailer Park - between Mt Gravatt and Ormeua (20min south of the CBD, 25min north of Southport).

We provide fun Brisbane Wedding Dance lessons and Gold Coast Wedding Dance lessons! The private studio is perfectly set-up for the teaching of the Bridal Dance to couples!

It is fully air conditioned, has a spacious 28 squ. metre dance floor, an adjoining lounge area, bathroom, a professional sound system, music library, many teaching aids, refreshments, etc and is cornered by the beautiful Kimberley Forest. At all times there will be just you, your fiancee and your Instructor i.e. no other couples!

Shailer Park Studio

Free Services ... 

To help make your Wedding Dance lessons far more enjoyable, we offer FREE ...
  • 5min video summary of each 2hr dance lesson to take home!
  • pre-written dance steps to make at-home learning easier!
  • after-hour phone support when at-home practicing!
  • nibbles, cold drinks, etc during your fun Wedding Dance lessons!

Lesson Times ...

The Wedding Dance studio is open Mondays to Sundays! Flexible times are available for you and your fiancee. (As all lessons are private, your booking is never made to ensure other couples can also attend.)

When to Have Your First Lesson ...

Due to high demand and forward bookings by so many other Wedding Couples, you do need to have your first lesson ...
So as to help you best, booking ahead will ensure your preferred time-slots are yours in which to have your FUN dance lessons!!!

Your Pay-As-You-Go Savings ...

For all 2hr lessons, the rate is just $160 per couple
... i.e. $40 per person per hour

Just start early i.e. at least 4mths pre-wedding day at take it casually from there! Enjoy the lowest price of most dance schools in SE Qld. All lessons are payable in CASH at the end of each lesson. To keep the prices affordable, there is no EFTPOS available and we keep it reasonable it's a pay-as-you-go arrangement
... i.e. No fixed term contracts! No problems!

How Many Dance Lessons ...

This is a very commonly asked question and its answer depends on a range of variables. These variables include:
  • budget
  • available time for studio lessons and at-home practice
  • if just a great, comfortable Wedding Dance is sort after or much something bigger, etc. 
Please note, based on our thousands of hours of teaching experience with Beginners, start at least 4mths early and book the lessons casually from there! 

Given our 10+yrs of Beginner-level teaching experience, we know it does take more than just the one lesson to achieve anything worthwhile on the dance floor.
Learning how to dance as a couple is like each person learning how to swim for the first time to also then move in coordination with their partner and to music. This takes a few months resulting in an amazing Wedding Dance and euphoric dancing together for decades beyond! A few months of FUN lessons means decades of FUN together! WOW!!!
Again, the Let's Dance Co offers a pay-as-you-go arrangement so if more or less lessons are needed we can assess that as the lessons progress. No locked-in contracts! No problems!
(Note: Any booking changes require at least 48hrs notice to avoid an administration fee.)

What to Wear ... 

In the initial lessons, please just wear cool and casual clothing with enclosed or strapped footwear. (Open footwear can make steps a little harder as the feet can easily slip within them.) As the lessons progress, we'll certainly introduce the variables like footwear to be worn on your special day!

Song Editing ...

Does your chosen Wedding Dance Song need to be edited or do you have two-or-more songs that need to be blended? Our Professional DJ's have the sound engineering equipment and skills to exact your needs and for just a nominal price.

Expert Tips to Consider ...

So as to help you best, have you considered:

  • The overall size of your space (ensuring you don't end up dancing off the floor)
  • The floor surface e.g. timber, grass, etc (this could influence certain styles)
  • The ability to move in your Wedding Dress (influencing what steps are possible)
  • Your chosen song (if any) and what dance style(s) match its rhythm(s)
  • The height of the Bride's heels (if heals are to be worn)
  • How to enter the dance floor and how to conclude your routine
  • Any lingering injuries

At the Let's Dance Co we'll use our many years of teaching expertise to consider all of the above in your Private Tuition to help ensure you have a memorable and FUN Wedding Dance. Let us do the thinking for you!

So Our Thanks and to Make a Booking ... 

Thank you for your time and we look forward to adding so much FUN through dance on your Wedding Day and to dancing many more years beyond! To book your FUN Wedding Dance lesson and to save just click here
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