Instructor Profiles

Mark D. O'Dwyer

Mark D. O'Dwyer, Managing Director of Let's Enterprises Pty Ltd and Director / Instructor in the Let's Dance Co, had his first dance lesson in early 2005 and within eighteen months owned his dance school, Let's Dance Co. Mark's initial years of learning dance embraced many styles (Salsa, Zouk Lambada, Bolero, Bossa Nova, Merengue, Rhumba, Cha, Forro & more), complimented now by his over 10,000hrs as an Instructor.

Off the dance floor, Mark is university degree qualified in Corporate Accounting and has held positions including Commercial Manager, Project Manager, Financial Controller and Chief Financial Officer often at national, public company levels. His 27yr professional background has included large commercial projects, business acquisitions, international business models, Harvard Six Sigma mathematics, social media marketing, website development plus a guest University Lecturer.

Actively, his past includes years of army reserve, World Cup triathlons, half marathons, gym and Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun Do Kung Fu. From the quill, Mark has written his first novel and is a "speed poet" credited with several poetic manuscripts, on-stage performances and studio recorded poetry.

Why Dance?
"For me it's a wonderful trilogy when the Lead, Follower and music blend as one."

Selina Wincott

Selina has been dancing from an early age and for much of the last twenty years has gained extensive experience from beginner through to intermediate and advanced levels across many styles including Latin, Ballroom, Modern and Disco, achieving dance medals in bronze, silver and gold.

In addition to these achievements Selina and has considerable performing experience across the UK as a dancer / back-up singer / actress and has appeared in various on-stage and television shows, most recently as a member of a female cabaret group that also performed abroad. As a qualified fitness instructor Selina also uses her expertise to choreograph and instruct the Zumba & Zumba Gold classes held throughout various gyms.

Having migrated to Australia, Selina spent her last few years in the UK studying Spanish and travelling the world as a flight attendant.

Why Dance?
"When I dance I get this huge buzz from those feel-good vibes that take me away on a beautiful, euphoric journey."

Tina Sullivan

Tina’s television dance background started at an early age, performing for the Sierra Leone Children’s Television Network. As a growing entertainer, in her early teens Tina enjoyed additional years of dance training to regularly appear in many dance events. After moving to Australia, the Latin American styles were then added to Tina’s portfolio. Having completed the Foundation Year (learning eight Latin dance styles) with Rio Rhythmics, Tina’s studies now continue specific to the popular styles of Salsa and Zouk Lambada.

Outside of dance Tina is significantly involved in the business sector, specific to the compilation and marketing of the widely distributed Queensland Business Acumen Magazine.

Why Dance?
"Dancing is a pleasure for me. It’s like translating music into different languages. I think of dancing as a language that other people may understand, or one that only you can understand. I love to help people cast off their fears and inhibitions on the dance floor, because I believe that through patience and persistence everyone can dance."

Cathy De Ramos

Cathy has truly lived a life of dance. Born into a family of dancers, Cathy has been dancing from the age of seven initially learning Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Acro. After studio exams, concerts, eistedfords, etc Cathy was regularly starring in television, shopping center and Junior Cabaret performances (singing and dancing). By her mid-teens, Cathy was a professional dancer, shortly thereafter becoming also a dance Instructor.

Cathy then went on to perform with Mo Award winners along Australia’s eastern coast, on the Fairstar Cruise Ship and “Hey Hey” (Ch 9). With an undying enthusiasm to teach, Cathy then again instructed for many years at The Danceworks and the Macgregor State School. From 2004, Cathy’s focus turned towards the Latin genre, quickly achieving advanced levels in many styles (e.g. Zouk Lambada, Salsa, Forro and Bolero). In early 2010, the Let’s Dance Co welcomed Cathy into its team wherein she’s a valued Instructor.

Why Dance?
"That's like asking why breath? I've been dancing my whole life, it's a great part of who I am. It's also about meeting people and watching them discover the joy of dance."